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caregiver support group

Caregivers Talk is a podcast to address issues that concern caregivers. Whether you care for a family member, friend or partner living with a disability, acute episode or chronic disease;  We are here to support you as you care for others and provide key information to ensure a successful caregiver journey.  We want to empower you with the tools and resources to undertake the challenges caregivers face daily. Join the conversation as we attempt to make sense of it all. You are not alone in this journey.

Date and Time: To Be Determined (link to podcast to be provided)

Episode 1: Welcome to your new role


Each caregiver's role and responsibilities are unique. Perhaps, you may have undertaken the role of a family caregiver for a family member who requires assistance a few days a week in their home.  You may be providing care to a loved one who recently moved into your home, a friend recovering from a major surgery, a church member who is terminally ill or you may be a long distance caregiver.  Whatever the circumstances, caregivers share a universal oneness. There is that connection!  


Where do you begin?   Join us Diane Cooper CEO of Caregivers Outreach Ministry Empowerment, Kristin Morris LMSW community social worker and Freddy Fortoso Administrator Assistant Essen Medical Associates.  We would love to hear from you.

Holding Hands

Caregivers Outreach

Mentorship Empowerment, Inc.

Providing a Road Map for Caregivers

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