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Hope For Tomorrow


You are about to leave 2023 and enter a new year. Take a deep breath, exhale, and let your fears, worries, hurts, and pains go.  There may have been things you could control, something you had no control over, and things that this year may have taught you.  Your neighbor is not only the person that lives next store to you.  Your neighbor is the person who may live on your block, borough, state, or even another country. We all have something to give: a donation, a phone call, a meal, a warm coat, gloves, toys, a listening ear, encouraging words, and prayers. Trauma and tragedy are universal experiences that impact us all, some more than others. Know that people do care about each other. Caring is a natural human response. Love is sacrificing oneself for another. The love of family is something to treasure. Human touch, hugs, and embrace are a power of healing. Your eyes are the window of your soul.  Your eyes can foster a sense of peace and assurance to others.  Change is a Constant. Change brings out creativity.  Change can take you to a level you did not know you could achieve.


Let’s enter 2024 with a sense of hope! I hope you arrive at a new normal this year.

People's definitions of hope differ.  Hope in a spiritual context and believing that good things will happen with faith in a higher power.  For others, hope may mean always looking on the bright side and seeing challenges as opportunities. In other words, always “hoping for the best.”

Having hope is essential to the very act of being a human being. “Hope is a light in a dark tunnel, just enough to reveal the path and ultimately the way out.”  Having hope links your past and present to the future. By planning, motivation, and determination, you get what you hope for. To have hope is to want an outcome that makes your life better somehow; it can help make a challenging situation more bearable and eventually improve your life because envisioning a better future motivates you to take steps to make it happen.

Whether we think about it or not, hope is a part of everyone’s life. Everyone hopes for something. It’s an inherent part of being a human being. Hope helps us define what we want in our futures and is part of the self-narrative about our lives we all have running inside our minds.  Hopefully, you have learned the power of sacrifice, family, community, and hope this year.  Caregivers Outreach Mentorship Empowerment wishes you all a safe and pleasant Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa.

Join us on December 21, 2023, for our monthly 45-minute caregiver information support session, “Let’s Talk.” Holiday Stress: What does it look and feel like?  Tips on destressing your life. Presenter: Cheya Thousand, Author of Making Space For Self. CEO/Founder of CT Wellness Co.



Diane Cooper


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