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Spring Time Is Here!

Winter season can be a difficult time for family caregivers. You are forced to be indoors because of cold or stormy weather conditions. Day light is short and you can go days without seeing the sun. Going to a doctor’s appointment can be challenging during this time. One day appears to run into the next. At this point you may be looking forward to that moment to exhale.

Spring can bring forth a feeling of wanting to set goals, make changes and try something new. Maybe this is a good time to start thinking about the steps needed to take that break you have been thinking about. No need to feel guilty, it is ok to take time out for self, and some “Me Time”. You do not need permission. Taking a break is not a privilege, it is a necessity. Reach out to your friends and family members and ask for help. You will be surprised of the people that that are willing to support you. There is no set amount of time that specifies “a break”. Each caregiver’s circumstance is unique. A break can mean getting away for a day, week or month. Only you know what you need to bring a sense of balance, peace and rejuvenation of your body, soul and mind. Are you looking forward to Spring?

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