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Time to get it right

By this time, you may have made known your New Years’ resolutions. Let’s add a few things to your list. Balance your multiple roles. Stay on top of your medical needs and health. Take on the challenge of increasing your technological skills. As caregivers, you are so business-minded and may tend to forget about yourself. You may forget to keep up with your doctors’ appointments, annual medical exam, lab work, mammogram, GYN, ENT, Prostate check, and other specialist follow-ups. Make that call to set up your yearly appointments for the year. Please place them in a calendar on your digital device or purchase a monthly/day-to-day calendar. If you use your device, do not forget to set up alerts. The alerts can be set up a day in advance.

Caregivers take on multiple roles as spouse, mother, child, grandmother, employee, teacher, neighbor, and friend. Sometimes it may seem almost impossible to take some “Me Time “and more so during this pandemic. Schedule some “Me Time” on your calendar. What does a “Me Time” look like? Whatever activity you feel will allow you to take a break from your role as a caregiver. Some examples may include talking with your friends, reading a book, going on a walk, listening to music, praying, writing in a journal, or having a cup of coffee with your legs up and doing absolutely nothing.

Do you know the purpose of a Power of Attorney (POA), HealthCare Proxy, Living will, or a Living trust? What are steps you need to take to assure your asset is protected if you become ill, stricken with Alzheimer’s disease, or die? What is required to ensure you lead a legacy for your children or grandchildren? How often have you stated, “I got to set these things up”? “I will get those things set up when I am older” Did you know that a HealthCare Proxy can be set up as early as eighteen years old? Please do not procrastinate. Do not wait for a crisis to make significant decisions. Just do it. Please do it for your only child, spouse, parent, or grandchild.

It is such a relief, a feeling of peace to know that you have taken the necessary steps to prepare for the predictable and unpredictable circumstances that come along in this journey called life. Today is the day to get it right. What are you waiting for?

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