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Essential Worker's Affirmation Cards

Consider encouraging and supporting your employees and essential workers that impact your life with Affirmation Cards.   Please contact us for a discount on oders of 10 and more. 

I Am More Than Essential
This affirmation deck is for the front line workers we all love and care about. Affirmations that help them focus on self-care, rest, and let them know that they are loved.

This deck contains 30 full-color cards with illustrations of front line workers (Delivery People, Doctors, Nurses, Cashiers, Teachers, etc.) and affirmations like:
" The Work I Do Is Important And That Keeps Me Going Everyday!"
"I am Amazing, I Am Brave, I Am Strong"
" I Am The Difference"

If you are interested in purchasing these cards wholesale/For resale please reach out to
If you are interested in designing your own set of affirmation cards for your Brand/Business reach out to us at

Essential Worker's Affirmation Cards

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