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Caregiver's Reach

caregiver's hands

As an advocate of family caregivers, we realize that in order to reach family caregivers we cannot do this alone. Caregivers’ Reach provides caregivers with accessible support services throughout the caregivers’ level of importance.  The trends that family caregivers face daily may be common as a whole however, each family’s dynamics and situation is unique.  At times caregivers’ level of concern is based on the degree of a crisis or resolution of a problem.

Caregivers Workshops provides family caregivers with helpful resource information, self-care education and avails participants with accessibility to various healthcare organizations. 


Panel Discussion in collaboration with other community organizations caregivers are provided with information from health care professionals along with a question and answering session.  


Corporate Training   provides resource and tools to successfully implement a Family Caregivers’ Support Model for organizations and/or Human Resource Departments interests in establishing support caregivers services for their employees.  As part of the COME Network we develop or enhance an exclusive caregivers’ support model for organizations.  


Telephone Consultation enable caregivers to take a closer look at their circumstance, establish a starting point, build their confidence and acquire basic knowledge as to resources available.  Self care, stress reduction activities and steps to take to avoid caregivers’ burn out is also addressed.  ​This service is available on an on-going basis.

Caregiver Consultation a one time in person family meeting with all involved stakeholders including long distance caregivers. To asses the current plan of care and establish a long term plan of action that will ensure the patient needs are met in a safe environment. Can include referral to other community resources.

Contact Us to schedule any of the above listed outreach services!

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