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Youth Caregiver Facts and Stats:

Did you know?

Nationwide, there are approximately 1.3 to 1.4 million child caregivers who are between the ages of 8 and 18.

7  in 10  child caregivers are caring for a parent or grandparent (72%).

The most common care recipient conditions are Alzheimer’s disease or dementia (18%); disease of the heart, lung, or kidneys (16%); arthritis (14%); and diabetes 14%).

The Silent Epidemic study found that 22% of high school dropouts leave school to care for a family member.

COME's youth caregivers symposium

Latest Project

 The Youth Caregiver Initiative has partnered with other community organizations to host the first ever youth caregiver symposium to discuss current efforts to highlight  the trauma associated with this hidden population and share the invaluable 

resources currently available. 

New Date TBD!


1) What I really enjoy the most about the sharks program is that it makes me feel like the care that I give

is appreciated

2) I enjoy that we have a talk session with everyone about what we do because I don't feel so alone

3) I like that we have trips because it makes me realize how much I have in common with the other


4) I enjoy that we all spend time with each other realizing we are there for each other with our needs.”

-Viany P.

SHARKS youth

Ms. Cooper the CEO of the SHARKS Program has provided a service that is truly needed in support of children taking on the role of caregivers and trying to keep up with their schoolwork and social activities. The children look forward to the monthly support group services and monthly trips. I believe the services that the SHARKS Program offers would be of value to all students in the educational system.”

-Brandon Muccino,

Principal of PS 83 The Donald Hertz School

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