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The Gift of Caring

The Gift of Caring

We are all given gifts, talents, and abilities to be a blessing to others. Some may have a gift of charisma, a gift of speaking, a gift of creating projects, a gift of working with their hands, and others the gift of caring. Family caregivers are individuals that embody the gift of caring. The question that is most often asked by someone looking at a caregiver is, “How are you able to keep up with the daily challenges of being a caregiver?” It forces the person looking at a caregiver in action to question their ability to take on the role of a family caregiver. For a person who has never undertaken the role of a family caregiver, it is often expressed as a sigh of relief “Thank Goodness. “

The gift of caring can be seen in individuals walking in their purpose. It is a natural inborn ability to care about the well-being of another, and it is the ability to manage and continue to care. Family caregivers walking in their purpose realize that they are not walking alone. They know that their strength, energy, and endurance are not related to the present circumstance but something much greater.

Family caregivers may have a quiet voice in a room filled with people. They may not be seen as assertive, popular, or the center of attention. They may not win an election or seek fame. Family caregivers are humble, giving, and caring and will set aside themselves for the benefit of others. They are tenacious and have endurance, faith, and hope. They quietly go forth, touching the lives of all needing service. They are the gifts God has placed on this earth to be constant reminders that “The greatest among us is that of a servant” Matthew 23:11. Nominate a family caregiver, friend, youth, patient, or co-worker to receive the 2023 Leon David Simmons Award in November in recognition of National Family Caregivers Month.

We are back in the building. Save The Date: November 18, 2023, Caregivers Outreach 17Th Annual Caregivers Gala at Maestro Catering. Contact us for sponsoring information. Let’s do this together.

Caregivers Outreach and AARP Peachtree Chapter will host the Intergenerational Summer Youth Technology Program again this year. The program provides instructions/hands-on training to seniors on using electronic devices. However, all are welcome. The devices include desktops, Kindles, iPhones, laptops, and iPad. The program will begin from Wednesday, July 5, to Thursday, August 16, 2023, at AARP office 177 Dreiser Loop, 2nd, RM Zero. Hourly sessions are from 9 am to 2 pm. Monday to Thursday. Call 718-320-1948 to schedule an appointment.

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