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A Heavy Load!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Caregivers go through more than they will tell you! They give and give, sometimes until it hurts. They give up a lot and rarely have a social life. They can get sick and emotionally drained. Caregivers are often reluctant to express negative feelings for fear they will be judged by others, judge themselves, or don’t want to burden others with their problems. It’s a lot for one person and you will never know until you have walked the road of a caregiver and the demands that this role requires.

Caregivers tend to perform daily tasks without asking for help. For example, “I should be able to care for my parent without asking for help, asking for help is a sign of weakness, I do not want anyone in my business, and I got this” Eventually, the negative emotions that they tend to want to bury or pretend they aren’t feeling begin to wear them down. If you don’t deal with your emotions, they will keep tugging at you until you stop and acknowledge them. Not paying attention to your feelings can lead to poor sleep, illness, trouble coping, stress eating, substance abuse, abusive behavior etc. When you admit to your feelings, you can then find productive ways to express them and deal with them so that you and the care recipient can cope better in the future.

There is a oneness, a connection, a sense of assurance when you are in the presence of other caregivers. Joining a support group is a good environment to express your feelings, emotions, and your concerns. Participation in a support group, talking with friends and family are all ways you can express your emotions. Seeking the advice of a profession allows you to express your emotions and receive therapeutic interventions for the inner heaviness you have failed to manage.

Available Resources: New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center (NYPCC) is offering phone sessions with a therapist; they can be reached on 718-485-2100. NY State COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline 844-863-9313. National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI) - 800-900-6264.

Please join us for our monthly 45 mins informational session on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Topics: Alternative Housing for Seniors. Presenter: Glendalee Olivera LMSW, ASW-G, CPT Senior Elder Justice Specialist. You can RSVP online at to receive the link to join.

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