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April is Stress Awareness Month

Glendalee Muniz, LCSW, Words of Wisdom. Hey there, it's time to shine a spotlight on something that affects us all: stress. Yep, it's Stress Awareness Month, and I'm here to dish out some wisdom to help you navigate those rough waters. Now, let's be honest: life's pace can sometimes feel like a marathon sprint.  Juggling work, family, and everything in between can send stress levels soaring faster than a #4 train at rush hour. However, recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress is the first step toward regaining control.

So, what exactly should you be on the lookout for? Well, stress wears many masks, my friends. It can show up as headaches, muscle tension, trouble sleeping, or changes in appetite. Mentally, you might feel overwhelmed, irritable, or anxious. And let's not forget about the emotional rollercoaster – from mood swings to feeling downright hopeless. But hey, before you start hyperventilating into a paper bag, let's talk about some stress-busting techniques that are as Bronx-approved as a slice of pizza from Arthur Avenue. First up, let's get moving! Exercise isn't just about getting your summer body ready – it's a powerhouse for stress relief. Whether you're busting a move at a Zumba class or taking a stroll around a park, flowing those endorphins can work wonders for your mental health.

Next on the agenda: deep breaths. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help quiet those racing thoughts and bring you back to center. So, find a cozy spot, close your eyes, and let the stress melt away. Let's not forget about the power of connection. Reach out to your tribe – whether it's your sister, best friend, or therapist (hint, hint). Talking about what's weighing on your mind can lighten the load and remind you that you're not in this alone. And speaking of therapists, if you feel stress is taking over your life, it might be time to seek professional help. GLO Within Services can assist you in navigating mental health challenges while promoting graceful aging through comprehensive care management and tailored care plans. So, let's make this Stress Awareness Month the one where we take charge of our mental health.  Remember, you've got the resilience of a true warrior – together, we can conquer anything.

Glendalee Muniz is the Chair of Caregiver Engagement Outreach at Caregivers Outreach Mentorship Empowerment. If you have any questions or concerns or want to schedule an appointment or a presentation, email her at

Join us on April 18, 2024, for our monthly 45-minute 7 p.m. Zoom Caregiver Support Information Session. Presenter: Priscilla Torres from Catholic Charities Homebase. (Rental arrears assistance, housing court advocacy, referrals for senior living, supportive housing, and much more.) You are just a click away. Go to and click the “Let’s Talk” picture postcard to the link.



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